Where has the time gone

Ok so not getting much blogging done and web site is at a standstill but this stuff is very time consuming especially if you are learning on the hoof. Family life is busy as well as keeping on top of our cheese requests.......

Our cheese counter

Isle of Wight Tomato and Asparagus

New in Isle of Wights tomato products. fresh tom, tomato sauce, tomato juice and passata as well as a smoked chili tomato jam!!

New In......

Tyne Chease

Our chease making is inspired by traditional methods going back thousands of years.

Our entire range is authentically cultured and matured.

We specialise in chease worthy of the finest wines and perfect for a classic cheaseboard, accompanied by crackers, grapes and chutneys.

Whether you love chease, follow a plant-based diet, are lactose intolerant or want to cut down on cholesterol, Tyne Chease provides the chance to taste a slice from the cheaseboard of the future.

We received the Best Vegan Cheese Award at the Vegan Awards UK in 2016

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