Welcome to the slow lane........

Delicatessen a small shop that sells high-quality foods, such as types of cheese and cold cooked meat, often from other countries.

Hello and welcome to my first (short and sweet ) blog page. The Sandy Park Deli has been open for 10 months now and changes have been slow and pedestrian! Well the idea is that we let the deli find its own way by talking with our customers and reacting to requests where practical. We have lots of feed back and our stock reflects these requests.

We have a nod to Italy as Dina has Italian heritage so stock a few personal favorites, Taleddgio , Parma ham, Napoli salami and Mortadella and the anti pasty fridge is another favorite of ours.

We will soon be adding wine and beer to our shelves and again will choose a few faves of our own but always happy to accommodate any customer requests.

That's all from me, will add as I find something to say, usually just letting you know about events and products and occasional bon homie.

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