Happy New Year.....healthy eating time.....

Happy new year to everyone, we had a very busy Christmas so thanks to everyone that visited us and thanks for your support. Needless to say cheese was the order of the day and we just managed to cope with all the cheese love that seems to have become a Christmas tradition.

e have a new supplier Tiffin Trine, they produce raw vegan cake and biscuit mixes, all ready to go so you can make your own cakes and have the satisfaction of baking them yourself.

Pullins Bakery have also baked the most amazing vegan snack bars that are now on the counter for you to keep those snacking cravings at bay.

New lines will arrive as we move into spring, 7 minutes per week more daylight so stay positive, and we are reviewing menus to bring you some tasty new goodies to enjoy.

Hope to see you in the Deli soon.

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